DIY Speed Ladder

DIY Speed Ladder

I love my speed ladder…and I think my kids love it just as much! It helps with breaking up the boredom of working out. Agility training isn’t just important or needed in sports, it’s great for adults too. Agility training will help with balance and mobility. It also is a form of High Intensity Interval Training, or Hiit, which will burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. AT requires the use of more muscles groups which not only burns more calories, but strengthening different muscles group will lessen the chance of injuries. I know as a runner the same muscles are getting worked over and over. So adding in agility training will help to strengthen the muscles I’m not using in my sprint workouts, and long runs. An added bonus, it’s fun and kids will want to join in!

I bought my speed ladder here: But you can easily make one with duck tape! I think my purple roll of duck tape was about $4. My speed ladder is 12 feet(the squares and about 15″x15″) and I used it as my guide in this video:

I will be posting some workouts using a speed ladder in the future so hurry and go make yours!

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