Spice Up Your Water!

Spice Up Your Water!

Getting in the amount of water you need can be a challenge and get boring. But water is an essential part of a healthy diet…especially is you are working out hard, training for a competition, or trying to lose weight. Here are some recipes and tips to help get your water intake in for the day:

1. Know how much you need and buy a bottle with measurements to help keep track. Aim for half of your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 140, you would need 70 ounces. However, if you are working out or trying to lose weight you will need more. Aim for 100 ounces in this case, that would be a good place to start! Here is a bottle I love, easy to open and refill:

2. Start and end your day with a glass of water. I always have a cup by my kitchen sink as a reminder. Starting your day with 8-10 ounces is a great way to jump-start your water intake. I usually don’t drink quite that much at night however…don’t want to wake up to use the bathroom;)

3. Add flavor to your water. I love flavored drops for water:

Also adding fruit is a also a great way to change-up water. Try freezing fruit into ice cubes for easy access on the go! Here is a great tray:

Here are a couple of yummy fruit ideas:

4. Take BCAA’s. Not only will the intake of BCAA’s count toward your water intake but they replace a lot of what your body loses during exercise. Learn about BCAA’s here. Also, there are a lot of great flavors to try; my favorite is here. (Plus they are having a great sale right now and free shipping! Use code fittif10 to save even more)

5. Make it a habit. It takes thirty days to make a habit, and water intake is a healthy habit you need to commit to for LIFE! As a health coach it’s the first healthy habit I teach and one of the top three things to implement into a healthy lifestyle. So print out a calendar and mark off each day for thirty days you are able to get your water intake in!

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